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About Us

Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of highly qualified home loan and mortgage professionals who develop our products in response to clients’ needs according them personalized service unmatched by any other in the market. We have equally developed a wide range of home loan products that cover all categories of prospective homebuyers and current homeowners. Qualification for a home loan in El Paso through Prodigy Lending is easy and stress-free for first-time homebuyers. If your credit score is low but you demonstrate the current capacity to pay a home loan, our experts will develop a good El Paso bad credit home loan package for you and guide you along the way to repair your credit score record.

Choose What Home Loan Fits You?

El Paso FHA Home Loan

    • The federal rate at 3.5% Down Payment with easier qualification rules
    • Cheaper Interest Rates but strict enforcement of Debt-to-Income ratio
    • Rehab loans available 

VA Home Loan Program

  • Qualification for Veterans only
  • 100% Financing with no down payment
  • Cheaper Closing fees  and Mortgage Insurance waived

USDA Rural and Suburban Home loans

    • 100% financed  and zero Down payment
    • Cheap Interest rates and low or no Insurance cost 
    • Must satisfy Income limits and Home location requirements 

Conventional Home Loan

    • Competitive 3.0% Down Payment with comparatively low-Interest Rates 
    • Comparatively better PMI over other Loans
    • A waiver on lender fees and terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30-year options

Prodigy Lending goes beyond the regular business of lending to create a relationship with our clients that outlives the first loan. We provide products that benefit Senior citizens such as cash-out options that can be quite useful in old age after retirement. We also guarantee the privacy of our clients always keeping their records and documents securely.

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Our investment in highly qualified professional staff and office infrastructure across the United States has served our clients and our staff well earning this great recognition for us. We serve our clients in a Top Workplace with distinction.

Low and Unique Interest Rates on Home Loans

What makes Prodigy Lending stand out in the market for El Paso home loans is our floor level interest rates. At times, we are even able to offer lower interest rates than those recommended for government-backed loans. This is because we have developed a unique interest calculation formula different from the market standard that allows us some flexibility while still covering our costs. We urge first-time homebuyers to visit us for a demonstration of this great benefit to borrowers as they get more information on how to qualify for a home loan in El Paso.

Please contact our staff in our offices or on our website for assistance. 


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