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Prodigy Lending is a team of mortgage experts located in the entire United States who have focused their commitment to offering our clients with the best service in regard to all their mortgage-related needs. All our mortgage experts at Prodigy Lending have vast knowledge and well-sharpened skills to guide you throughout the journey of owning your dream home. They will work with you hand in hand while you obtain your pre-approval letter, apply for the loan and finally as you are granted the loan.

 At Prodigy Lending we have a range of loan programs that are best equipped to purchase your first home or dream home, refinance an existing loan or even consolidate debt at affordable interest rates. Our loan experts will assist you in choosing from the list given the most appropriate loan program geared at meeting your specifications. 

If you are having any trouble achieving your dream of owning a home due to bad credit ranking or low income, the list below of bad credit home loans in El Paso and El Paso’s low-income home loans will solve your issue. Choose the right home loan that suits your needs.


The best pros attached to the FHA home loans include a low down payment of up to 3.5% and the low and affordable interest rate that are attractive to customers. You can easily qualify for the FHA loan even with your credit ranking being bad or poor or even a low income. We recommend the FHA loan due to the availability of the rehab loan although you’ll be required to have a higher DTI ratio for you to qualify.


Prodigy Lending recommends VA home loans to customers who need a 100% financing. The VA loan interest rates are the best for a government loan. With the VA home loan, no mortgage insurance is required and the closing cost attached to it is lower than those attached to other loan programs. Feel free to choose the option of a VA loan as it is easy to qualify.


The conventional home loans available at Prodigy Lending are highly recommended as bad credit home loans in El Paso and one of El Paso low-income home loans. The main features that make them qualify for this ranking include a low down payment of as low as 3%, a smaller PMI compared to FHA loans and low-interest rates so long as your scores are approved. Conventional home loans have flexible terms for 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages with no lender fees charges.


The USDA offers 100% financing with a zero down payment. The interest rates for the 100% loan are low. The mortgage insurance cost associated with the USDA loan is low but you must qualify for income and home location for you to be granted the USDA loan.

Our main aim is building a lasting rapport with our clients so that we may go on providing exemplary service for many years to come. We handle our clients’ information in a private and trusted manner.

Feel free to interact with our mortgage experts by calling us directly or making use of the interactive tools provided on our site.

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