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Do you feel that your dream of owning your first home or purchasing your dream in El Paso is almost coming to shutters? Are you frustrated due to the previous handling of your loan application? Our highly trained team of mortgage professionals at Prodigy Lending, equipped with all the necessary expertise, are ready to solve all your mortgage needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best and quality service for our multiple loan programs at the lowest rates. Whether you want a loan for refinancing an existing loan, consolidating debt, buying your dream home or first home, our team will give you technical guidance and advice until your particulars and expectations are met. 

The list below is designed to help you get rid of the web of confusion you might be entangled in. It is designed to guide you in learning the requirements for a home loan in El Paso. This list is a combination of bad credit home loans in El Paso and El Paso low-income home loans.


The VA loan is available at Prodigy Lending at the best interest rates a government loan can offer. You can easily qualify for the VA loan since no mortgage insurance is required. VA finances at up to 100% and the closing costs attached to the VA home loan are lower compared to other home loans.


The conventional home loan is not only one of the bad credit home loans in El Paso but also one of El Paso’s low-income home loans. The conventional home loan has flexible terms for 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages at low and affordable interest rates and no lender fees. The conventional home loan attracts a down payment of as low as 3% and the PMI is lower compared to that attached to FHA loans.


The FHA is one of the best home loans for bad credit in El Paso available at Prodigy Lending where with a down payment of as low as 3.5% you can easily qualify. The interest rates associated with the FHA are low hence attractive to all our clients. With a higher debt to income ratio, you can qualify for the FHA loan which also has rehab loans available.


Prodigy Lending recommends the USDA home loan to clients who want a 100% financing and charge low-interest rates attached to them. Another feature ranking the USDA loan as an affordable loan is that no down payment is charged on this loan and the cost of mortgage insurance is low. You will only qualify for the USDA loan if your home location and income qualify.

Establishing a long-lasting rapport with our clients so that we may continue offering exemplary service for many more years is our main goal at Prodigy Lending. Unlike other mortgage lending companies, we value the trust and that is why we keep or clients’ information private and securely.

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